Pulse Podiatry would like to welcome to Dr Hannah Chun, the newest addition to our family!

Dr Chun is a graduate of  UWA Podiatric Medicine and is completing her Doctor of Clinical Podiatry to gain qualification as a Podiatric Surgeon.  (Specialist surgeon of the foot and ankle). 

She holds strong knowledge in the surgical management of foot and ankle conditions and deformities. The following may require surgery if they cause you discomfort, affect your ability to walk or exercise, cosmetic reasons, or aggravate your feet in shoes.

  • Bunions
  • Hammer toes/ crooked toes
  • Neuromas (Condition causing a 'shooting', 'sharp' or 'burning' pain in the balls of your feet')
  • Bony or soft tissue lumps

If you have any questions regarding foot and ankle surgery, or may be considering this pathway, Dr Chun is able to offer you an honest opinion and provide you with a sound explanation of possible procedures and expected outcomes.   Although under training and unable to perform surgical procedures just yet, Dr Chun has the privilege to directly refer you for surgery without a GP referral, and organize all necessary imaging. (This means you will avoid extensive waiting lists!)

 She also offers post- operative management if you have undergone surgery, ensuring your feet and posture are in good alignment to prevent recurrence of conditions and complications.

Warm welcome wishes Hannah, we know our patients will be in good hands!