dr heidi chin

 Senior podiatrist


Photo of Dr Heidi Chin  Kindly supplied by  Loftus Recreation Centre

Photo of Dr Heidi Chin

Kindly supplied by Loftus Recreation Centre

Qualified from the University of Western Australia (UWA). Class of the inaugural Podiatric Medical school from the Faculty of Medicine and representing a new era of podiatry.  Member of UWA PMA for continuing education.

Recipient of UWA School of Surgery research scholarship UWA prize of Podiatric research.

Has worked with a prominent footwear brand to investigate gait pressure patterns. 

Brings a wealth of experience from Sir Charles Gairdner hospital, Bentley Hospital, Diabetes and chronic disease management teams, multi- disciplinary foot ulcer teams involving vascular and orthopaedic specialties and private sport podiatry clinics. 

Involved in community events, volunteering her expertise, sporting and gym activities and mentorship of UWA students.

Dr Chin is a founding member of Perth's The Child Health Network.

She enjoys weight/ strength training at Goodlife Gyms and cardio/resistance training at F45.

Dr Chin has unique skill sets including acupuncture, dry needling, manual, osteopathic and massage techniques that ensures you receive comprehensive, holistic and effective care every time. 

Special interests in:

Back, hip, gluteal, foot and chronic pain conditions. 

Childhood development.

Biomechanics of human movement, strength training, weight- lifting and sporting concerns.


Dr Aaron Gregory


Aaron Gregory podiatrist pulse.jpeg

Qualified from the University of Western Australia (2013). He is completing a Masters in Sports Medicine.

Aaron has been working in private practice for over five years, working closely with elite sporting teams such as the Swan Districts Football Club, and Perry Lakes Basketball, Parkrun, Athletics WA and many weekend warriors.

He also has a passion for post-surgical rehab and works closely with Perth’s leading Foot and Ankle Surgeons, to ensure lasting positive outcomes and restoring functionality and quality of life for patients.

He has played state representative basketball and represented Australia at the International level for Cross country, and was a competitive middle distance runner. He has done further training in running mechanics and assessment to support pain free and efficient running.

Trying to practice what he preaches, Dr Gregory loves using resistance training and mobility work to improve sports performance and reduce aches and pains associated with everyday life. To aid his own training, and providing a more holistic approach Aaron has completed several strength and conditioning certifications.

Dr Gregory offers acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapies, IASTM and exercise prescription in addition to classic podiatric medical techniques.

In his spare time he loves to play basketball, and is an avid NBA fan and sneaker collector- and is always happy to engage in any basketball related discussion!


Special interests include:

Running Assessment and Sprint Mechanics

Dry needling and IASTM (Rockblades)

Footwear advice and prescription

Acute and chronic pain.

Orthotic therapy for postural and performance concerns

Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning 


Dr james knox



Photo of Dr James Knox  Kindly supplied by Loftus Recreation Centre

Photo of Dr James Knox

Kindly supplied by Loftus Recreation Centre

Qualified from the University of Western Australia (UWA) and president of the UWA PMSS (2013).

Dr Knox brings to Pulse Podiatry a wealth of knowledge from Perth's tertiary hospital- Royal Perth Hospital, treating highly complicated cases involving severe physical trauma, management of diabetes, ulceration, wounds and chronic diseases.

He has worked with Western Australia’s elite podiatric surgeons with knowledge of surgical techniques and care of post-operative procedures.

Dr Knox recently placed in the State ICN bodybuilding and physique titles as a Male Fitness Model.

He has played soccer and tennis for both UWA Nedlands FC and City Beach Tennis club.

These activities support his strong understanding of both weightlifting and sports-related activities and injuries impacting the body.

Dr Knox offers acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapies, and exercise prescription in addition to classic podiatric medical techniques.

Special interests in:

Assessment for weight lifters which includes biomechanical analysis of the lower limb, treatment for muscular ailments, advice in body building show preparation and advice for injury prevention.

Muscular and skeletal concerns.

Acute and chronic pain.

Diabetes and chronic disease management.

Orthotic therapy for postural and performance concerns. 

All our podiatrists perform medical pedicures.

Podiatric surgeons


Our Podiatric Surgeons are locally trained and hold Professor/ Associate Professor titles at the University of Western Australia. 

In the event that conservative treatment modalities are not enough, our podiatrists have the ability to refer directly to top surgeons in WA. 


We are registered with the Podiatry Board of Australia and Members of UWA PMA for continual education.

Professional relationships with UWA Podiatric Medicine School &  Alumni,  Orthopaedic/ Vascular/ Podiatric Surgery specialists, Local GPs, physiotherapy, remedial massage, dieticians, occupational therapy.

We're holistic

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