You will experience different changes in your body which may cause your feet and legs tend to get tired, painful and swollen.

They should not be ignored, as soft tissue damage can carry on after your child is born- A time when you’ll definitely need to be on your feet!

“Pregnancy Leads to Lasting Changes in Foot Structure”

Hormone influences

Hormone changes softens the ligaments around the hips and pelvis in order to improve pelvic mobility. This helps in the delivery of your baby, but ligaments elsewhere also become more flexible causing your knees, ankles, and feet to be unstable and prone to injury.

The increase in ligament laxity decreases the stability of the ankle and arches, and with the added load from weight gain, makes walking very painful and increases strain of the feet, calves and back.

Common soft tissue conditions include:

·      Flattening of feet and lowering of arches

·      Rolling ankles

·      Plantar fasciitis

·      Ball of foot pain

·      Tendonitis (Inflammation of tendons eg. Achilles tendonitis)

·      Bunions

These conditions are painful and are treated by your podiatrist conservatively without the need for medications or surgery. 

Postural changes and weight gain.

During pregnancy, your breasts are larger, the abdomen becomes more convex increasing the curvature in the back and shifts your centre of gravity forward.  Couple this with weight gain, and there is increased demand on your muscle which increases muscle aches, tension and a change in your balance.

Hot, swollen feet

The enlarging uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvis and legs causing circulation to slow down and fluid retention in the feet (oedema).

This causes swelling of the legs, feet and hands, making it difficult to wear shoes or exercise. 

However, if you have loss of sleep and concerns with abnormal swelling, it is important to have your podiatrist rule out any other potential causes. 


Nail and skin changes

Nails may be brittle, develop grooves or thicken and your skin may develop rashes and hyperpigmentation.

Many women experience hard skin (Callous) and corns under their feet- usually their heels and balls of feet.  This causes discomfort, which will not go away unless treated [See our sterile, painless Medical pedicure to avoid any harm or risk of infection]