Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo was in Perth this week providing inspiration to a new generation of creative minds! Jimmy Choo is a fashion icon known for creating quality and stylish couture footwear for high profile women such as the late Princess Diana, Nicole Kidman and Julie Roberts. 

I was fortunate to have an exclusive opportunity to spend time with Professor Choo where he shared his expertise about all things related to feet, shoes and (much to my delight!) expressed support towards Pulse Podiatry! After all, we do have something in common.

A belief in the importance of comfortable, healthy feet, as they are the stable foundation to the rest of your body. If your feet aren't comfortable, this will affect your lifestyle, health, confidence and well being!

Jimmy Choo's advice to us? Have passion, share knowledge, respect your teachers and those around you, work with good intentions and 'work from the heart'.

Thank you very much Professor Choo!