Meet Dr Aaron Gregory our Wembley podiatrist


Meet Dr Aaron Gregory our Wembley podiatrist

Dr Aaron Gregory was specially chosen to join our practice. He has earnt himself a high reputation amongst Perth’s sporting circles and community. A quick google reveals many genuine and highly positive reviews about Aaron.

Dr Aaron qualified from the University of Western Australia (2013). He is completing a Masters in Sports Medicine.

Aaron has worked closely with elite sporting teams such as the Swan Districts Football Club, and Perry Lakes Basketball, Parkrun, Athletics WA and many weekend warriors.

He also has a passion for post-surgical rehab and works closely with Perth’s leading Foot and Ankle Surgeons, to ensure lasting positive outcomes and restoring functionality and quality of life for patients.

He has played state representative basketball and represented Australia at the International level for Cross country, and was a competitive middle distance runner. He has done further training in running mechanics and assessment to support pain free and efficient running.

Trying to practice what he preaches, Dr Gregory loves using resistance training and mobility work to improve sports performance and reduce aches and pains associated with everyday life. To aid his own training, and providing a more holistic approach Aaron has completed several strength and conditioning certifications.

Dr Gregory offers acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapies, IASTM and exercise prescription in addition to classic podiatric medical techniques.

In his spare time he loves to play basketball, and is an avid NBA fan and sneaker collector- and is always happy to engage in any basketball related discussion!


Special interests include:

Running Assessment and Sprint Mechanics

Dry needling and IASTM (Rockblades)

Footwear advice and prescription

Acute and chronic pain.

Orthotic therapy for postural and performance concerns

Sports Performance and Strength and Conditioning 



Heidi away, James IN!

Hello everyone

As many of you know, I'm having a baby any day now, and will be on maternity leave until February 2019! [Photo proof below]

I will be leaving you in the capable hands of Dr James Knox (He has been with us for over a year, trained at Royal Perth Hospital and also personally trained by myself) who will be working at both Wembley and the Perth CBD clinics.

If you're a client who requires regular appointments such as myofascial release or routine medical pedicures (Especially if you suffer a lot of pain from appointments too far apart, or can't run without the muscle release), please book in advance as James will be very busy for the remainder of the year.

If you can't get in, we can recommend practitioners who I have personally learnt from, and I trust. I will leave these contacts with the reception. 

I also want to thank you all for the kind wishes and hugs, generous gifts (It appears that all of you think I am having a boy), baby advice, birthing stories (Many that are quite frightful stories actually) and parenting advice! I look forward to returning with a new badge of 'mum'- I'm sure I'll be one of your gang sharing photos and talking about babies non- stop!

Enjoy the rest of your year.

Until next time X



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Meet Dr James Knox

When Dr James Knox joined Pulse, our patients were very impressed with his attention to detail during treatment.

He boasts an impressive CV and is incredibly talented. Here are some fast facts

  • Worked at Royal Perth hospital- treating severe trauma, management of diabetic complications and chronic disease
  • Placed in the State ICN bodybuilding and physique titles as a Male Fitness Model-  This makes him very valuable in the weight lifting industry- So if you're experiencing pain whilst lifting and need some assistance, you know who to ask for!
  • He's also a talented musician.

Pulse Podiatry is pleased to have Dr James Knox join our team.

James works in Wembley and the Perth CBD, so mention James when you're booking an appointment.



Lululemon X Perth Run Collective

Pulse Podiatry will be delivering an information session to runners this Tuesday 12th September @ 6.40pm at Lululemon Athletica Perth City. 

The Perth Run Collective is a social running movement that runs two complimentary run sessions a week.

The perth run collective welcomes participants of all levels, offering a variety of distance and pace groups plus a whole lot of fun!


Tuesday 5.45pm

lululemon athletica Perth City, Shop H127, enex100 

Thursday 5.45pm

lululemon athletica Claremont, L2. 232 Claremont Quarter 

Sunday 8.00am
Clarko Reserve, Trigg


See or facebook