Podiatry/ chiropody

Classic chiropody techniques refined with a pain-free, gentle touch. Resulting in beautiful feet.

weight- training support

Correction of uneven pressures under your feet which may be preventing you from pushing that extra weight.

Address of biomechanics and recommendations which will assist you in lifting that extra weight.

Custom orthotics to support the extra weight and hold that perfect form.

Neuro- vascular assessment

Doppler studies performed in-house to assess quality of your circulation and nerves. Important in diabetes and chronic conditions affecting healing.

Sports strapping/ padding

Strapping techniques with rigid sports taping and/ or Rocktape for support, compression and healing.


Pulse Podiatry is a trusted carer of wounds and ulceration in diabetes,vascular disease, immuno- compromised, elderly or trauma. We are trained in wound debridement, dressing and offloading.


We are able to supply stocks of dressings, moon boot/ surgical offloading boots not stocked in pharmacies.

Medical imaging

We refer for X- ray, ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) if investigation is required.


gait assessment

Biomechanical and gait assessment to assess your posture and movement. Strengthening and conditioning advice for maximum sport performance.

Manual therapy- Physiotherapy, PHYSICAL THERAPY & osteopathic techniques

Massage, manipulation, stretching, exercises.


Our unique approach of dry needling, myofascial trigger point therapy and acupuncture to aid in musculoskeletal conditions,


Ingrown toenail surgery performed in- house with fantastic cosmetic results. This does not require general anesthesia or hospital stay.

If more severe surgery is required (eg. Bony, bunion surgery etc), our close relationship with Podiatric Surgery at UWA ensures direct referrals to specialists without the need for long waiting times or complicated referrals.

chemical cautery

Special rights to administer treatments for stubborn warts previously  available only by dermatologists and in the USA.

Custom shoe inlay

'Made to your feet'

You will notice international footwear brands starting to bring in footwear with molded inlays. We take this a step further by creating your own inlay to slip into your current footwear.

orthotic therapy

Customized, functional kinetic insoles built to your feet.

These insoles are different from 'off- shelf', spongy, gel or orthotics 'milled' from one material. Our orthotics are made from several materials and components because they aim to correct and realign your posture and address several aspects of your feet/ gait within the one device. 

Devices prescribed by Pulse Podiatry are able to receive a health insurance rebate.  

Your feet are captured in 3D via a modern laser scan. We no longer use plaster casting, as we have found laser scan to be more accurate and delivers a finely contoured product.

Custom built devices can be made slimmer, more comfortable, different colors and sizes. This is especially important in women's shoes, men's dress shoes and soccer boots.

This improves the quality of your shoe. For example, ballet shoes are pretty but offer no support. Slip your inlay into your footwear and instantly transform it into a customized shoe.

It has been very popular with pregnant women, nursing staff, pharmacists, teachers and occupations which involve hours of standing.


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