We love to train, and encourage you to do so too! Here is something interesting to note...Simple changes in anatomy can affect your physical abilities!

Considering the complexity of exercises in strength and conditioning, addressing:

  • Biomechanics (posture/ gait/ anatomical variances)
  • Muscle-skeletal concerns
  • Dermatological conditions

is of great importance in achieving optimal performance, muscular development and reduce the prospect of a training related injury.

Today, lets address the foot position.

The foot position on weight- bearing affects rear foot alignment (heel), therefore affecting your lower limb kinematics.

Foot placement influences:

  • Patella- femoral forces, therefore affecting
  • Tibio- femoral compressive forces, affecting
  • Rotation of the tibia, changing
  • Normal patella tracking, causing
  • Undesirable/or desirable varus or valgus moments, altering
  • Compressive forces of the knee

Notice how the affects carry up the chain?

Imagine your positioning during your squat or dead lift!

As we move further, hip extensors and adductors are also affected by foot position and stance.

So if you're experiencing any arch, ball of foot pain, Morton's neuroma/ bursitis, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, crooked toes, knee pain, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, hamstring pain, groin pain or lower back pain, consider your anatomical position (form).

Check out this video tip we made with F45 Perth CBD. for their 8 Week challenge.

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