Feet are for life - They walk around the world 3 times in a lifetime!

So make a date with your podiatrist.

During Foot Health Month, we encourage people with any foot issues to see their local podiatrist. Our simple foot health checks can tell you a lot about your body, as well as give your feet some loving care.

Australians have the second-worst rate of unnecessary lower-limb amputations in the developed world, so people with diabetes and other circulatory problems need to make their Podiatrist their friend,” said APodA (NSW&ACT) Executive Officer, Janice Jones.

I agree with that statement. Having worked in Sir Charles Gairdner hospital and the Diabetes Chronic Disease Management team, I have seen a high number of amputations as a result from a lack of foot care.

Whether you are an athlete struggling with training footwear, a young women addicted to their high heels, a parent teaching a toddler to walk or a construction worker considering safety boots - everyone needs consider their feet.

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