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We understand that a woman's body is unique.

That's why we are pleased to welcome Megan O'Shea to Pulse Podiatry Wembley.

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Women's Health- Continence- Pelvic Pain- Pregnancy- Post Natal- Prolapse- Incontinence- Urgency- Weakness



Women's health

Experienced, hands-on, musculoskeletal physiotherapy treatment, within a framework of a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of chronic pain and neural sensitisation.

Once pain is controlled and reduced, manual therapy is complemented with rehabilitation exercises. This is aimed at helping people perform their desired activities.

Rehabilitation Exercises are learned and perfected in the clinic:

  • Pelvic floor muscle power using real time electrical biofeedback
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal muscle control with movement using real time ultrasound
  • Postural control using the Pilates exercises and the Reformer
  • Muscle weakness and movement compensation using free weights and gymstick loading

Real Time Ultrasound

Real time ultrasound uses the same technology that is used to view a baby in utero. Physiotherapy uses it as an invaluable tool to assess a pelvic floor contraction so that you can see your hidden muscles. This allows you to really understand how the pelvic muscles work and what affect activities like sit ups, standing and running movements have on the stability of your pelvic floor.

Your bladder volume can be measured by RTUS, which is essential to know when trying to address problems with bladder urgency, frequency and over activity.

Muscle Contraction Biofeedback

  • Pelvic Floor strength and endurance can be visualised on the computer screen when you get real time feedback about the contraction of the hidden muscles.
  • Pelvic Floor relaxation, which is as equally important as strength can also be visualised



fitness classes for women

Active Solutions Exercise Classes is unique.

  • A strong professional relationship between Physiotherapist and Fitness Instructor

  • A thorough understanding of injury rehabilitation

  • A focus on strength and cardio not achieved with Pilates

  • Pilates/Pelvic floor principles often not addressed with boot camp/runningc club

  • An understanding of body changes that naturally occur with different life stages

  • An environment where you can exercise as intensely or as gently as you feel your body allows


Even if you are regularly doing general exercise (walking/running/swimming/cycling) these global cardio work outs do not specifically address muscle weakness. The body can cheat and compensate to move.


Strengthening the core is NOT performing planks, sit ups, bridges or roll ups, it is about strong connections between the arms and the legs when you are standing upright and moving. Our exercise design is in standing with resistance and promoting a strong core the way it is needed in daily life.


You need an EXTREMELY strong pelvic floor to perform correct star jumps, burpees, push ups, planks, sit ups, roll ups, free weights and running – these are very difficult and demanding exercises. The pelvic floor muscles have to co-contract with natural breathing and in conjunction with the abdominal and gluteal muscles. Our exercises are pelvic floor friendly.


Once an exercise is demonstrated, you will be then shown an easier version and a harder version of that same exercise. You will never be pushed beyond what you feel you are capable of. Everyone has a vulnerability, be it your knees, arms or lack of power - exercise to your own ability.  In addition there are 3 different levels of exercise resistance with the gymstick exercise equipment.


Get your heart rate increased with active rest, the intensity of the exercises and alternating arm-leg movements and interval training with the cardio element of the exercises. 





Megan o'shea

Megan O'Shea

-B.Sc. Physiotherapy

-Master Manipulative Physiotherapy

-Certified Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner 


Since having her own children, Megan's work focus has increasingly extended into Women’s Health Physiotherapy for treatment during pregnancy, post natal, prolapse, incontinence, urgency, pelvic pain and weakness.

Megan studied at Curtin University for both her Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1998) and Masters in Manipulative Therapy (2005) qualifications.  She also completed certification as a Polestar Rehabilitation Pilates Practitioner (2004).  Since having her own children, her work focus has increasingly extended into Women’s Health Physiotherapy for treatment during pregnancy, post-natal, prolapse, incontinence, urgency, pelvic pain and weakness.

On graduation she worked in Royal Perth Hospital for a year before 14 years working and travelling in Melbourne, London and Ireland. She returned to Perth in 2013 and since then has been working at Cottesloe Sports Physiotherapy. Currently she works between there and her own practice Active Solutions Physiotherapy in Wembley. Throughout her career she has gained valuable experience in a variety or work settings and cultures ranging from working in Harley Street London, Treating West End Musical Performers, being the Senior Physiotherapist for County Kerry Gaelic Football Teams, in Pilates studios, student supervision and in the area of Women’s Health.